Saturday, August 31, 2013

JoyFolie, I love you

Have you heard of JoyFolie? I don't know how this company has been kept hidden from me for so long, but no more! Between myself and my three girls, I want pretty much every shoe they have.

After having just spent a frustrating weekend shoe shopping for my girls, I am so happy to find a company that sells sophisticated footwear for my little ladies! I'm completely smitten with these. Classic. Red. Love!

And these... Sassy and cute!

And these are the beauties that I am coveting right now. Husband are you reading this?!!!

They also had a few pairs of boots that I wouldn't mind slipping my feet into either, but I'm trying to control myself...for now. Fall is already at my doorstep, so I just might need a new pair to keep my feet warm.


Alison said...

I love all of those! I'm going to have to check it out!

Kory Jane said...

You know I am a shoe freak...but oh my goodness. I can't imagine spending that much on shoes for my kids much less myself. On our budget I will have to stick to payless for a couple more years!! very cute though.

Anonymous said...

The red ones are cute! But, $60 for little kid shoes that are going to get scuffed right away, I couldn't do it!

Jenn said...

If you have ever had a child with impossibly wide feet (or fat feet which was the case with mine) you would better understand having to pay $60 for shoes. It's so nice to find a company with *cute* shoes that come in wide. So hard to find! Thanks for sharing!