Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Type 2 Tuesday {What I Wore}

What's a Type 2? Find out here!

Watch out people, I'm getting crazy today...Straight Hair and Ripped Jeans! A piercing might be next... Kidding of course. That would never happen! I'm terrified of needles.

I really don't ever straighten my hair, but I was kind of feeling it today so I went for it. I loved it all morning, but now I'm over it. Back to curly tomorrow for sure.

What I am for sure in love with right now are loose blousy tops. They are so comfortable and feminine. This one is Robin K. I grabbed it at a second hand store not too long ago so I'm not exactly sure where you would find it, but I think that brand is available at TJ MAXX.

And once again Samm was my awesome photographer and this was her suggestion for my pose. Love that girl! Not sure what I'm going to do when she goes back to school


Jenn said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Samm should start her own photo blog!

Anonymous said...

You look so much like your beautiful mother.